One Does Not Simply Start Selling Goblins and Orcs (actually we did)


Margot and Sean (in photo above, doing... beach kung-fu, maybe?) started Inspirational Creatures to celebrate the heroes of the modern workplace.  

We've spent decades in offices, conventions, sales trips, and Monday Morning Meetings. And one thing we've learned...people who enjoy their work, enjoy the people they work with. 

All our creatures are original designs. They are soft plush dolls about 8 inches tall (10 inches for the horned variety) that are the perfect way to send some joy to your boss, your assistant, your new hire, or your co-worker. They make great birthday gifts and Christmas gifts, too. We've even heard that some dads bear a resemblance to the Chief Executive Orc.  

We're here to honor the everyday heroes who make days brighter, who pull teams together, and who bring a little laughter into the workplace. We only have a few creatures right now, but we have big dreams. Please sign up for our email newsletter to keep up with our newest creatures.