The Last Jedi and Holiday Gift Giving

Attention:  The following does not contain spoilers as I haven't seen the movie yet.  It might contain ill-informed speculation (that's kind of my thing).  

According to Forbes, The Last Jedi did between $45 and $50 Million on it's opening Thursday.  This is an amazing testament to Joseph Campbell.  As you might know Campbell's book, The Hero With a Thousand Faces was a key touchpoint for George Lucas in the development of the original trilogy.  I tend to think that the conscious use of the Hero's Journey (hidden parentage, the call to adventure, refusal of the call, etc) is what makes Star Wars work.  As was pretty apparent from the prequels, Lucas is not actually a great writer.  But what he was brilliant at, was using the power of myth to tap into the powerful core of our psyche to create connection.  

As a forty-something Star Wars fan I am a testament to the enduring power of that connection.  Star Wars matters to me.  In turn, Star Wars matters to my kids.  The power of the mythic journey is something that I loved, and that I wanted to share with my children.  

That connection is part of what led to the creation of Inspirational Creatures.  In today's workplace in particular building connections with the people we work with can be difficult.  Remote working means we may not see our workers as frequently.  And the days of working at a job for twenty years are long gone.  And today we are cautious about what we do and do not share with our coworkers (for good reason).  

So what helps to bridge that chasm?  Humor, for one.  We believe in the power of laughing together.  But at the core of Inspirational Creatures is a belief that our work still ties us to a mythical heroes journey.  Even today, we seek mentors, face tests, find allies and battle enemies.  Our Creatures reflect that journey.  

I am looking forward to seeing the Last Jedi over my holiday break, and to bringing my kids along with me.  And when we discover that Rey is actually umm...(Kylo Ren's long lost twin sister?  Ben Kenobi's grand-daughter?  Wedge Antilles' babysitter's niece?) I am fully prepared to gasp in shock along with the kids, pretend lightsaber fight with my son, and ensure my daughter roll's her eyes at one of my bad jokes.  And years from now, that will be another milestone, on my hero's journey.  

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