Small Business Saturday: Microglobalization

Sean Kobold

After Black Friday but before Cyber Monday and Taco Tuesday comes today -- Small Business Saturday.  Everything needs a catchy name these days.  In that spirit, we at Inspirational Creatures have our own buzzword to talk about today, microglobalization.  While Small Business Saturday (brought to you by the good folks at American Express) mandates that you celebrate a narrow slice of small businesses (those with brick and mortar stores), we'd like to broaden the discussion.  

Even if the word "globalization" conjures thoughts of American factories closing and jobs moving overseas, the reality of globalization is much more complex.  We at Inspirational Creatures are proud to be a part of what we see as a microglobalization revolution.  Our Creatures are designed in Connecticut, and we use a talented graphic designer from another state.  Our toys are manufactured overseas and shipped to a distributor in California.  From there they go to stores and warehouses throughout the country.  We leverage the power of the interconnected world to make our supply chain as friction-less as possible.  Without globalization, our business could not exist.  

For us, microglobalization means that a family business, without the infrastructure and resources of a larger company, can bring its vision to reality.  Flook Enterprises, the company behind Inspirational Creatures, is absolutely a small business.  We may not have the awning out front, or the wizened shopkeeper sweeping the front step, but we strive to have all the hustle and the heart of small businesses throughout the country.  

Today is Small Business Saturday.  And, as a microglobal small business, we're claiming our seat at the table.  (Maybe I will go sweep the front stoop anyway).  

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