Holiday 2017: A New Approach to Gifts for Coworkers

Every year around this time, people throughout the country start to think about what to give bosses, assistants, and co-workers in general as a holiday gift.  Personal gifts can be touchy.  A bottle of wine is not always appropriate.  And many gifts are just stale. One of the challenges we see, is that most of these gifts don't reflect the life that we share with our co-workers.  We spend so much time at work.  We spend so much of our lives with our coworkers.  But when it comes to gift-giving we often ignore all of that time spent together and take a stab at a gift.  

When we started Inspirational Creatures (, we wanted to create gifts that were based on our real relationships with the people we work with.  We wanted to celebrate the fun that we have at work, and thank the people that help to create that fun.  We wanted to get beyond the gifts that are based on a limited view of our coworkers' lives outside of the workplace, and focus on what we actually do know about them.  

The American Workforce has changed, but how we talk about the American workforce hasn’t kept up.  In 1900, 60% of the American workforce worked either in a factory or a farm.  In 2014, factories and farms employed less than 10% of the total workforce. Our “creatures” reflect the working world of today, with humor and with affection. 

With a growing recognition that workplace culture matters and that recognition matters, our line is designed to celebrate the heroes of the modern workforce.  Work is too important not to have some fun doing it.  

-Sean Kobold



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