Donald J. Troll Plush to Launch on Kickstarter -- Bring Back Troll Jobs!



Donald J. Troll and Inspirational Creatures Are Bringing Back Troll Jobs

Connecticut, Middle Earth, 2018

Next week, a new Kickstarter campaign will be launched by Inspirational Creatures. The campaign will offering backers a chance to own limited-edition plush versions of Donald J. Troll. Inspirational Creatures plush toys reimagine mythical creatures in the modern world. Donald J. Troll, an orange-furred, real-estate developer with a penchant for extremely long red ties, might bring to mind a certain polarizing political figure. It is reported to be the classiest, softest, most luxurious, troll plush ever made. A lot of people are saying that. Believe us. 

According to Margot Ebling, the CEO and creator of Donald J. Troll, “His fleece fur is naturally orange, and he has very large hands… for a troll.  As Donald J. Troll himself says, ‘We’re proud to be bringing back trolls and troll-jobs.’ ” 

Inspirational Creatures is a family passion project for husband-and-wife team Margot Ebling and Sean Kobold, who want to emphasize to the media, and to any leaders of the free world who might be reading, that any similarity between Donald J. Troll and other orange figures is purely and legally coincidental. 

The company offered the following testimonials that are 100% true (believe us…believe us). 


I love my Donald J. Troll doll. Whenever I have trouble sleeping, Mother brings me Donald J. to cuddle up with.

- Mike P., Washington, DC  

I recently suffered a bit of a… setback in my career. A friend gave me a Donald J. Troll doll, and I find it is perfect for unleashing the tiny bit of residual anger I may have over not getting the position I wanted. I take it with me everywhere. Hiking in the woods, skeet shooting, playing darts, playing lawn darts, or just letting the dogs kind of ‘go nuts’ on it!

-Hillary C., Chappaqua, New York

We love Donald J. It is a very important asset for us. One of my favorite things with doll is that it does whatever I say. And if I don’t want it to say anything, it is very quiet. I like to take my shirt off and give it bare-chested man-hug.

-Vlad P., Definitely Not Moscow, Russia

This doll is fantastic. A lot of people are saying it is the greatest doll in the history of dolls. A lot of people. Believe me.

- Don T., Washington, DC


You can back this Kickstarter campaign starting March 14. Supporters at the $20 level can receive a limited-edition, individually numbered Donald J. Troll plush toy.

Contact:  For any information, please contact Sean Kobold, Chief Sales Goblin, at Sean (at) InspirationalCreatures [dot] com. 

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