Donald J. Troll Denies Russian Connection

Donald J. Troll, the plush real estate developer, sometime politician, and long red tie enthusiast, has released the following statement in response to questions regarding his alleged Russian connections:

“This is fake news. I have never been to Russia, and if I did go to Russia once, it was only to play with those Russian nesting dolls, which were totally fantastic by the way. It was fully consensual playing, believe me…believe me. When you’re a troll, you can just play with Russian nesting dolls and they let you do it. This is a distraction from the greatest Kickstarter campaign in the history of mythical troll leaders. A lot of people are saying this Kickstarter campaign is the greatest ever. A lot of people are saying that. I think I saw recently that over a million people are backing my campaign. I haven’t checked those numbers, but it sounds right to me. This is fantastic, and in closing we all love Donald J. Troll, right?”

Upon reading the statement from Donald J. Troll, Inspirational Creatures CEO Margot Ebling replied, “He said what? I don’t know…what am I supposed to say after that?”

Individuals wishing for more information on this developing story regarding the classiest, most luxurious plush troll ever launched may do so at Kickstarter. 

Contact: For any information, please contact Sean Kobold, Chief Sales Goblin, at Sean (at) InspirationalCreatures (dot) com. 

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