Coworker gifts that are not created by Beyoncé

Sean Kobold

Gifts to coworkers are all about creating a connection.  The best gifts do more than just commemorate a relationship.  They serve as an ongoing touchpoint which broadens a friendship.  In searching for a source for a gift for a coworker, the obvious answer is, of course, Beyoncé.  But, on the off chance that you are not looking for a $36 ballcap for your boss, there are other options.  

At Inspirational Creatures ( we believe the key to good gift giving is to look for gifts based on the shared experiences of the giver and the recipient.  What do you know about the person that you are looking to buy a gift for?  If the recipient is a coworker, chances are a lot of what you know about that person is how he or she approaches her job.  You know what that person's chosen career is.  And you see every day how your coworker works.  That should be the basis of your gift. 

Bad gift giving too often guesses at a life outside of the office.  We all remember gifts we have received for shows we don't watch, sporting teams we don't cheer for, or food that we're allergic to.  The problem with all of those office gifts, is that the giver was not focusing on what she knew about the recipient.  

This year, when you are buying the boss a gift, maybe get him something that reflects how you see him every day (like a Chief Executive Orc from Inspirational Creatures for instance).  Or just get him the $300 Lemonade Box Set.  Your call.  


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