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Donald J. Troll Plush to Launch on Kickstarter -- Bring Back Troll Jobs!

Donald J. Troll Plush to Launch on Kickstarter -- Bring Back Troll Jobs!

Donald J. Troll and Inspirational Creatures Are Bringing Back Troll Jobs Connecticut, Middle Earth, 2018 Next week, A new Kickstarter campaign will be launched by Inspirational Creatures, offering backers a chance to own limited edition plush versions of Donald J. Troll.  Inspirational Creatures plush toys reimagine mythical creatures in the modern world.  Donald J. Troll, an orange-furred, real-estate developer with a penchant for extremely long red ties might bring to mind a certain polarizing political figure.  It is reported to be the classiest, softest, most luxurious, troll plush ever made.  A lot of people are saying that.  Believe us.  According...

On the Twelvedy-Sixth (126th) Birthday of JRR Tolkien

Wednesday, January 3rd marks the 126th anniversary of the birth of John Ronald Reuel (JRR) Tolkien.  Today, our world is permeated by the work of Mr. Tolkien. In addition to the blockbuster movies made by Peter Jackson, Amazon is developing a series set in the world of Middle Earth (a report from Deadline estimates the cost of the LOTR rights for that series around $200-$250 million).  Not to mention Tolkien's influence can be seen everywhere from the new Will Smith movie Bright to the writings for that other RR guy with a fantasy world.   Why? That, of course is a question with...

The Last Jedi and Holiday Gift Giving

Attention:  The following does not contain spoilers as I haven't seen the movie yet.  It might contain ill-informed speculation (that's kind of my thing).   According to Forbes, The Last Jedi did between $45 and $50 Million on it's opening Thursday.  This is an amazing testament to Joseph Campbell.  As you might know Campbell's book, The Hero With a Thousand Faces was a key touchpoint for George Lucas in the development of the original trilogy.  I tend to think that the conscious use of the Hero's Journey (hidden parentage, the call to adventure, refusal of the call, etc) is what makes...

Coworker gifts that are not created by Beyoncé

Sean Kobold

Gifts to coworkers are all about creating a connection.  The best gifts do more than just commemorate a relationship.  They serve as an ongoing touchpoint which broadens a friendship.  In searching for a source for a gift for a coworker, the obvious answer is, of course, Beyoncé.  But, on the off chance that you are not looking for a $36 ballcap for your boss, there are other options.   At Inspirational Creatures ( we believe the key to good gift giving is to look for gifts based on the shared experiences of the giver and the recipient.  What do you know about...

Small Business Saturday: Microglobalization

Sean Kobold

Tags Globalization, Microglobalization, Small Business Saturday

After Black Friday but before Cyber Monday and Taco Tuesday comes today -- Small Business Saturday.  Everything needs a catchy name these days.  In that spirit, we at Inspirational Creatures have our own buzzword to talk about today, microglobalization.  While Small Business Saturday (brought to you by the good folks at American Express) mandates that you celebrate a narrow slice of small businesses (those with brick and mortar stores), we'd like to broaden the discussion.   Even if the word "globalization" conjures thoughts of American factories closing and jobs moving overseas, the reality of globalization is much more complex.  We at...

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